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Project Description

Tool based on Javascript, Jquery, and SharePoint Web Services used to Add / Remove / Update WebParts / Lists / Document Libraries / Folders / List Columns/Files on a large amount of sites (around 1 minute to add a list to 50 sites)

For questions and comments use the discussions or issue tracker or mail to

Inspired by and using:
jQuery Library for SharePoint Web Services
SmartTools jQueryLoader for SharePoint
jQuery Tools

The solution doesn't need any kind of installation, just put a couple of files in a Document Library to start. The solution is far from a finish product with both ugly interface and code, but it works and have helped me save many hours.

Beta has quite bad error handling and confusing User interface, but works ok. You must have owners rights to the sites you're updating

Sites to update

List of sites

Updates all sites listed in the column specified in "URL Column" in the list "List name" on the site "Site URL where the list is". The column TitleColumn can be used to add information (like filter value) to the webpart.
Example of settings in MultiSiteAdmin UI
Example of list

Sites in Site Collection

Updates all subsites to the site specified in "Site URL". The "Levels"-field specifies how deep in the site collection updates are made. The Site Name can be used to add information (like filter value) to the webpart

Add/Delete List or Document Library

Add List Name, List Description and List Type.

Click the button of your choice

Add/Delete Folder

Add name of Document Library and Folder Name.

Root folder must be created before sub folder => first create Folder name "aaa", then "aaa/Subfolder1"

Click the button of your choice

Update List

Add/Delete/Update columns in list already created.

Add List Name and Update list action (Add/Delete/Update)

Add "Update Code" by the format specified on the links Update list method and Field Types

Click the button of your choice

Add Web Part

Add Web Part to sites specified above.

Export a WebPart from a site and paste the code in this TextArea. The webpart cannot refer to a list ID - a normal list WebPart doesn't work, it must be done in SPD to refer to the ListName instead. Coras and other WP referring to list name can also be used.

The text string changeThisTextToTitle will be changed to the the TitleColumn or Site name on import. Use this for WebParts needing filters

In first version the "Page" and "Checkout before add WebPart" settings are located under "Subsites of site". A bit confusing but it will be moved in next version. Example for use of these settings is updates of Publishing Pages that must be checked out before updating. For as standard Publishing Page like in the intranet change page to "Pages/default.aspx" and check "Checkout before add WebPart"

Click the button of your choice

Delete Web Part

Add name of Web Part to delete. Use % as wildcard, like "MyWebpar%" deletes all web parts starting with "MyWebpar"

Click the button of your choice.

Upload File

Add Target doclib (and optional folder) in the format aaa/aaa
Add Target File Name in the format test.txt or test.doc

If file is uploaded in a document library add Source Site Name and Source File URL

If a new file is going to be created, paste the file content in the "Source file content"-box. Text "changeThisTextToTitle" will be changed to site title or title column for every site. To be used in filters etc.


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